Journey to America - Anna Abrahamsson Jacobson

Lydia's older sister Anna was the second of Albin and Anna Abrahamsson's 9 children. Born July 31, 1885, she was tall and blond like her father. She married Johan Emil Jakobsson, a railway worker, on February 21 of 1907 in a civil ceremony in Borås, Sweden. She and Emil had three children in the first 4 years of their marriage. There was Rudolf b. 1907, David b. 1908 and Elizabeth b. 1910. I wonder if America was their plan from the beginning as the children had decidedly American-sounding names or at the least names that would be readily recognized in either Sweden or America? Johan Emil traveled first to America arriving in May 1911. He followed his brother Petrus (Peter) who had come to America 15 years earlier.

Lydia visited Sweden with her young son Albin in 1913 and returning home to America she accompanied her sister Anna and her three young children who were joining their husband and father in America. It would have been a difficult trip alone but with three young children?

They left the port of Gothenburg on the "Calypso" to cross the North Sea to Hull England. From Hull the two women and four children took a 3 hour or so train ride to Liverpool where they boarded the "Caronia" for America.

Landing at Ellis Island, New York Sept 17 1913, Lydia and Albin (American born) could disembark directly but Anna and her children would be processed through Ellis Island proper. They traveled steerage or third class.

Caronia's manifest states:

"Anna Jacobson, 28yrs old, married, wife, can read and write, country of origin Sweden, last living in Ö Frölunda Sweden, nearest relative in country of origin is father RA Abrahamson, final destination Moline Illinois, ticket paid by husband, $25 in possession, never been in US before, going to husband Emil Jacobson 104 5th street Moline Ill, good health, 5'9', fair complexion, blond hair, blue eyes, no distinguishing marks, born in Ö Frölunda, Sweden, accompanied by children: Rudolf 6, David 4, and Elizabeth 3."

1920 Census Phoenix Township, Henry County, Illinois

By the 1920 Census Anna and Emil had two more children; Evelyn b.1915, and Robert Harry b.1918. Later that same year Gustav Arthur b.1920 and Paul Emil the baby was b.1922. They had become naturalized citizens by 1918. They are farming.

1930 Census Newton, Miami County, Ohio

By 1930 Rudolf and David are grown and gone. A nephew of Emils, his sister Hulda's son Harvie, 14 years old is living with them on the farm.

1940 Census Tipp City, Miami County, Ohio

By 1940 the family has left farming and Emil is working as a night watchman. Only the youngest two children remain. Two grand daughters, Betty's girls, are staying with them.

 Rudy           David            Betty             Evelyn            Harry              Arthur            Paul        

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