Journey to America - Ruth Abrahamson Soderstrom

Lydia's younger sister Ruth was the last of the three sisters to immigrate to America. We know their father Robert Albin if not approving at least agreed to her journey as he paid for her ticket. Ruth traveled second class, leaving from Copenhagen on the Fredrick VIII and arriving in New York Dec 4, 1914. She also was headed to the Rock Island/Moline/Davenport area. Her fathers cousin Dr. Rev. L.G. Abrahamson was her contact in America


The Manifest of the ship Fredrick VIII, which left from Copenhagen November 19, 1914 and arrived in New York Dec 4, 1914. Ruth traveled second class which meant she did not have to go through Ellis Island proper but would disembark right to the dock. She was still however examined and questioned on the ship before arriving in the U.S.

#30  Abrahamson, Ruth, 20 yrs old, single, female, servant, Swedish, can read and write, resides in Ö Frölunda, next of kin father RA Abrahamson in Stommen Hid, destination Rock Island, Illinois,has ticket to final destination, passage paid by father, in possession of $25, has never been in US, contact is cousin Dr. LG Abrahamson of Rock Island, in good health, 5'7"tall, light hair, gray-blue eyes, no identifying marks, born in Östra Frölunda, Sweden

Ruth, like her sister Lydia, also worked as a servant until she met Anders (Andrew) Olof Söderström.

Andrew  was also a Swedish immigrant. born in Helgum, Angermanland, Sweden he served two years in the Swedish military.

Andrew came to the US in 1915. He served in the US Cavalry in World War I.

Andrew and Ruth married December 24, 1917. They remained in and raised their four children: 
Harry b.1922, Melvin b.1924, Esther b.1926 and Evelyn b.1935 in Rock Island, Illinois.


Harry                                                   Andrew, Ruth Harry and Melvin

 Esther Anna Marion

Andrew, Ruth, Harry, Melvin and Esther

 Andrew, Ruth, Harry, Melvin and Esther


Ruth and Esther
Esther and Evelyn                                              Esther


Ruth Abrahamson Soderstrom 
born: June 3, 1894 in Östra Frölunda, Älvsborg, Sweden
died: October 4, 1969 in Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois

Anders "Andrew" Olof Söderstrom 
born: September 13, 1888 in Helgum, Angermanland, Västernorrland, Sweden
died: October 8, 1960 in Moline, Rock Island, Illinois, USA

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