Family Photo Gallery

I truly appreciate the many family photos contributed by family members across the United States and in Sweden.  I have noticed that more than a few of the family members have had some difficulty accessing the "Robert Albin Abrahamson Legacy" family tree on All photos received are on that site. It would seem that this blog is a bit less confusing for family members. There has been quite a few viewings of the Abrahamson Family photo album. If you notice the permanent tabs just above this post (blog home, about me, Kallman family story etc), I added another tab titled "Photo Gallery". The Abrahamsson photos, will be featured in that gallery along with photos donated by family members on my Kallman as well as Abrahamsson family side. I will also include certain documents that may be of interest to descendants such as birth, marriage, census, immigration etc. records. Be assured that recent photos of living individuals while on the private tree will NOT be featured on this blog due to obvious privacy reasons.

To download copies of the photos and documents to your own computer just right click on each. I hope you enjoy the photos. Please be patient as I buff up the photos a bit and label them. Within the week the tab "Photo Gallery" should be complete.

The "Robert Albin Abrahamson Legacy" family tree on will remain available to interested family members with ALL photos and documents we have collected. Contact me for an invitation to if you are interested and have not done so already. Please keep those photos and bits of information coming as family history is a story and puzzle that never ends! Share those parts of the puzzle that only you may have!

Thank you cousins!