Ole and Lena Return

It has been almost two years since I posted an Ole and Lena Joke. 
I thought I (and you) had heard them all. I was wrong! 
Here goes.........

Ole complained to his landlord.
"Da people upstairs are so annoying!
Last night dey stomped and pounded on 
the floor till almost midnight!"

"Did they wake you?" asked the landlord.

"No, " said Ole. good ting for me
I vas playing my tuba."

Happy Friday all!

Anna, Lydia and Evelyn with the happy flowery ladies

There must have been a special on flowery dresses the year this photo was taken! 
I am guessing the date to be around 1950 and in Chicago judging by the home these gals posed in front of. To the far right, I see Aunt Anna Jacobson with my grandmother Lydia Kallman just behind her shoulder. Smack dab in the middle front it sure looks like Evelyn Jacobson. I cannot identify the rest of the happy flower gals though. Can any of you?

Neighborhood group? Church group? If you can identify any other of these happy ladies, drop me a line?