Blogs I ♥

and here are some blogs I love to check out now and again. Blogs by other amateur genealogists, or blogs with interesting information and tips about genealogy in general, or specifically about Sweden, Sweden in the past, Sweden now, Swedish recipes, culture, ideas....oh heck anything interesting and fun relating to Sweden.

these following blogs have a predominantly Swedish focus

The goal of The Swedish Genealogy Guide is to empower people who are looking for their Swedish ancestors by:
  • Teaching "where" to look, "how" to interpret records, and "what's" the next step
  • Bridging knowledge from experts in Sweden for the English speaking genealogical community
  • Providing tools for language assistance
  • Increasing visibility of genealogical resources from Sweden

This is the Chicago version (there is also a U.S., New York and Seattle version) of a Swedish-American online newspaper informing about goings-on of interest to the Swedish-American community.

This is a fun blog with all sorts of information about the Sweden of today written with an American viewpoint by a fellow who obviously LOVES Sweden. Scroll to the very bottom right to find links to posts about just about anything and everything Swedish.

This is the official blogspot of Ikea. Too bad it is in Swedish and not English but that is what Google translate is for anyway, isn't it? Besides the pictures alone are like being in the store, which by the way I really love but really hate the fact that it is HUGH and always crowded. I know there is some psychological word for it (just too lazy to look it up this second) but  I have that crazy thing that it makes me really nervous to be in a large place where it is not always readily apparent where the exits are. You came for one thing but the layout forces you to look at everything. Marketing design no doubt.

This blog is all about a Swedish American in Sweden and an American take on all things Swedish

Some wonderful recipes on this site. Some Swedish and some the name

 ♥the Pickled Herring
Just a young gal who loves all things Swedish. She passes on some good Swedish recipes and Christmas ideas.

♥ Swedish Thoughts
"Genealogy, old photos, recipes and other things from Sweden"

Rock Island County Illinois Genealogy

In both Swedish and English.

these next blogs are not specifically focused on Swedish Genealogy but general genealogy tips that  are well written, informative, interesting and always a fun read.

" The unofficial, unauthorized view of and The Ancestry Insider reports on, defends, and constructively criticizes these two websites and associated topics. The author attempts to fairly and evenly support both."

This is a group I belong to. Just pages and pages (over 3500) blogs that are searchable by area, country, focus, or anything genealogy related. Looking for a certain type of genealogy blog? This is the place.

Genealogy hints, ideas, tips, news, and commentaries from Randy Seaver, a fellow who just thinks genealogy is fun.

DNA eXplained - Genetic Genealogy
A very interesting, informational and realistic blog about the new field of Genetic Genealogy.

AMY JOHNSON CROW Professional Genealogist
Good ideas, hints and advice about all things relating to Genealogy.

A blog looking at the dark side and some of the problems and complaints all of us amateur genealogists have had at one time or another. With a great sense of humor, "ClueWagon" as in "get a clue" people...... puhlease . This blog is right on target.

Ideas for researching your family for free or without spending a fortune. I'm all for that!

I  have found lots and lots of other blogs, and I am sure I will find lots and lots of others in the future, but these are some I come back to again and again.