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Mystery Young Men? Do you recognize Us?

I love to wander through old antique shops, boutiques, and second-hand stores. You never know what you will find. One thing that always disturbs me. There is always a large box or pile of beautiful old family photos. Weddings, Family groups, babies....all who were loved and photographed by their loved ones for a remembrance of them.  Those photos were most likely once displayed with great pride in the family home. Here they are abandoned because no one now alive can identify who these people, once cherished, were.

I have posted this photo before. A photo found among family photos and memorabilia. Two young handsome men that look to be no more than older teens or early twenties. Can you identify them or do they resemble a family member of ours? Please contact me.

DEAD FRED is a genealogy website. They host these abandoned photos hoping to find a home with current family. I posted this photo on that site. I love that site and in fact found there a photo of my great grandfathers' cousin. You never know what you will find. Check out the site for yourself.

And please please take a bit of time to write your name and date on the back of that great photo of you with your prize catch (and all the others too). Your great great granddaughter/son will thank you.

2003-Otto Feick-Granite Lake, Ontario,Canada


Leif Eriksson - The First European in North America

Today, Columbus Day is observed. 
As a kid it was always nice to have the day off ...but
all good Scandinavian/Americans know
and that's all I have to say about that.

check it out↓↓


Happy Cinnamon Bun Day!

Did you know that there is an official Cinnamon Bun Day Website? 
Who Knew?
Check it out. Bake some buns. Make a pot of strong black coffee. 
Have a FIKA with friends and family!



Happy Birthday Aunt Tekla!

1889 Födelsebok for Hellestas, Linkoping, Östergötland, Sweden

In 1889 on this day, October 3rd, my great Aunt Tekla Eugenia was born in Hellestads, Östergötland, Sweden. She was my grandfather Richard's youngest sister, the baby of the family, number 6. Born into a grindingly poor family she once said they had no toys as children, and very little to eat. Her mother, my great grandmother Klara Sofia, died of Tuberculosis when Tekla was just nine. Each of her older siblings had emigrated to the United States in the first years of the 20th century. Her older sister Olga returned to bring 17 year old Tekla back to Chicago with her in September of 1907. Olga and Tekla entered through Ellis Island giving my grandfather Richard's name as their connection in the US. Her occupation was listed as "domestic". In Chicago she met another Swedish immigrant, Richard Peterson who in 1917 would become her husband.

my Great Aunt
Tekla Eugenia Källman Peterson
born: 3 October 1889 Hellestads,Östergötland, Sweden
died: 1 October 1979 Santa Cruz, California USA

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