Abrahamson Family Tree

Lydia Abrahamsson Kallman was my paternal grandmother. Born in Sweden in 1890 to a loving Seventh Day Adventist family, she was the fourth of what would be nine children. In 1909, Lydia was the first of her family to emigrate to the United States. She was followed by two more of her sisters; Anna and Ruth. She worked as a domestic in Moline, Illinois where she met my grandfather Richard Severin Kallman. After their marriage in 1911 they began their family and soon ended up living in Chicago. Their middle child, Carl Melvin, was my father, and he claimed to be his mothers favorite!

* Please note the disclaimer at the end of this pedigree, thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: As with any family tree you find, please don't just copy without checking it yourself. I am an amateur family historian/genealogist and although I strive for accuracy I can make you no absolute guarantees. In the preceding pedigree I have found substantiation with census, vital records and other  reliable sources, to say without hesitation, I believe these are my true ancestors. For the sake of brevity I do not list those sources here but if you believe we share ancestry you are more than welcome to view all I have found on my well documented Ancestry.com tree (see contact info at the bottom of this blog). My family trees will always be a work in progress. If you do find any inaccuracies in, or have additions to, my family trees, please let me know. Thank you!