Kallman Family Tree

Richard Severin Kallman, my paternal grandfather, was born in Sweden in 1887 to a poor factory family. They lived in Grytgol, a town known  from the 1600's to this day for its wire factories and iron works. Life in Grytgol was difficult, dirty and had few options. Both of his parents and his older brother would die of Tuberculosis. The fifth of six children, he scraped money together to buy a steerage ticket to America in 1906. He followed an older brother and two older sisters who had gone on to America before him. His younger sister later followed. He found work  and a large immigrant Swedish population in the quad cities. He worked first for the local plow factory and using his blacksmith skills later moved on to Chicago with his new Swedish wife and little boy. 

* Please note the disclaimer at the end of this pedigree, thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: As with any family tree you find, please don't just copy without checking it yourself. I am an amateur family historian/genealogist and although I strive for accuracy I can make you no absolute guarantees. In the preceding pedigree I have found substantiation with census, vital records and other  reliable sources, to say without hesitation, I believe these are my true ancestors. For the sake of brevity I do not list those sources here but if you believe we share ancestry you are more than welcome to view all I have found on my well documented Ancestry.com tree (see contact info at the bottom of this blog). My family trees will always be a work in progress. If you do find any inaccuracies in, or have additions to, my family trees, please let me know. Thank you!