In the early 20th century my paternal grandparents, Rikard Severin Källman (1887-1968) and Lydia Abrahamson (1890-1978) immigrated from Sweden. I am exploring my Swedish ancestors immigrant journey to "Amerika" and life in Swedish Chicago. I am searching for cousins everywhere to share family stories, pictures, memories and new discoveries about our Swedish heritage and our family today.

~ This blog, like my family tree, is always a work in process. Please stop back now and again! ~

Tuesday, August 18

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today would have been my father's 99th birthday. Richard and Lydia Kallman's third child, he was a momma's boy and proud of it. Born at home in Chicago, his mother claimed he weighed 10 lbs. at birth. Not bad for a boy who was a bit of a squirt and never topped out higher than 5'6". Named in the older Swedish tradition he was named for his paternal grandfather Carl but he went by his middle name Melvin. He was a character all right. Very conservative, straight as an arrow, tight fisted with his money but dependable, trustworthy and loving with a goofy sense of humor. He has been gone for 26 years now but I miss his jokes and hugs still.
                                                 Happy Birthday Daddy!

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