Swedish food for Sunday dinner?

Being new to the blogging world I like to cruise the internet to check out the blogs others have made that may be of interest to me.

My mother was a wonderful woman but....God bless her.... a wonderful cook? Not so much. Now my German born Mother in law, Liesel?  Another story entirely! After I married is when I first learned how wonderful food could be! She showed me the glories of cream and cheese sauces. Spaetzle and pork roast with gravy. Red cabbage and pickled beets. Oh I could go on and on, and I did. I come from a relatively thin family, or I did anyway, but I slid up about a pound a year. Now I have been married 42 years now. You go ahead and do the math and I am not even ashamed of myself.
Husband Otto? He bakes. Breads of all kinds...rye, white, wheat, sweet breads and the most wonderfully decadent...make a big pot of coffee....cinnamon rolls. Oh, my heart beats faster just thinking of them, and him too of course!

I think we can all agree that German cooking is great but check out this blog with Swedish recipes. It looks good. I am thinking of trying the cabbage rolls tonight.

click here ► Pernilla Elmquist - My Scandinavian Food

They look pretty good but Liesel IS a tough act to follow.


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