Fars dag

Father's Day in Sweden

"The second Sunday of November is Fars dag (Father's Day) in Sweden. Father's Day began here in the United States in 1910 and followed in Scandinavia in the 1930's.

On Fathers Day in Sweden, dads might be treated to lunch and dinner, either at a favorite restaurant or sporting event; often it is a home cooked dinner with the family.

This year, just in time for Father's Day, a new record had been set in Sweden for the oldest father ever-a dad in Stockholm just became a parent for the first time at the age of 80.

Sweden's most common dad is named Lars and he had two children. In 2012, as many as 73,471 dads in Sweden were named Lars out of the around 2.3 million fathers. After Lars comes the name Anders, and after Anders comes Per as the most common father name. The average first time father is 31.5 years old in Sweden and his most common name is Johan."*

*This article came from

a "Sweden in America" digital newspaper. It has a US, New York, San Francisco and a CHICAGO! edition. A great way to catch up on"How Swede it is" in Chicago. Give it a click to see the latest Swedish events in our own "Windy City".

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I will also add the link at the bottom of this blog with the "websites of interest" so periodically give it a click to see whats happening in Swedish Chicago

And don't forget to treat your Swedish-American Daddy well this Sunday.....and every Sunday of course!

- Ranae

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