Sunday's Story - Hilma Abrahamsson

This Sunday's story is about Hilma. She was my grandmother Lydia's oldest sister, the oldest child of Robert Albin and Anna Abrahamsson. I must confess she always seemed to me rather like the plain sister who did not have much going on, married late in life, no children and blended into the woodwork of the family. Then I received cousin Ingemar's package of stories and photos of the Abrahamsson family and I totally changed my mind!

HIlma was born 23 Aug 1881 in Östra Frölunda.Being the oldest of nine and a girl I would guess she had a large responsibility to help with the younger children. But she did indeed have a life of her own.

Hilma (left) Hanna (center)

"Hilma was a very skilled hostess. She had been to a domestic-economy school in Katrineholm in the beginning of the century and enjoyed hosting large gatherings. With her cooking skills, sometimes the peo­ple ate more than the resources allowed, though. The food may have been gone but not Hilmas gift for entertaining. When the pots were empty, Hilma used to ele­gantly save the situa­tion by bringing the out the family pho­tography al­bum. When Hanna, the wife of her brother Gustaf, died in 1926, it was Hilma who took care of their children."* Hanna had also attended the school in Katrineholm and most likely was a good friend of Hilma's also. 

"A little later she came to care of a man who had been injured from an accident. But care developed to love and it is said that it was Hilma who took the initia­tive for marri­age. After their wedding, Hilma and Karl lived for a while in Lilla Ängasjö. Then they moved to Gebo in Ullasjö, where they stayed till old days."*

Hilma Abrahamsson married Karl Alfred Persson 23 Aug 1927 at the family home Stommen, Östra Frölunda

Hilma and Karl, Lillängasjö 1927

In the orchard, Karl and Hilma Persson

 A woman with something of an education and career in early 20th century Sweden? Her husband Karl was 31 when they married, Hilma was 46. We call that a cougar today but it was said it was a love match. Hilma and Karl also had a foster son. She was obviously a competent and confident woman. Here's to you Hilma! 

 *taken in part and paraphrased from "A Family History - Albin and Anna Abrahamsson" 
by Ingemar Majholm (with his permission)
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