In the early 20th century my paternal grandparents, Rikard Severin Källman (1887-1968) and Lydia Abrahamson (1890-1978) immigrated from Sweden. I am exploring my Swedish ancestors immigrant journey to "Amerika" and life in Swedish Chicago. I am searching for cousins everywhere to share family stories, pictures, memories and new discoveries about our Swedish heritage and our family today.

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Wednesday, December 9

Wednesday's Child - Carl Fredrik Abrahamsson

This Wednesday I remember Carl Fredrik Abrahamsson.

He was born 7 July 1851.  He was the child of Anders Gustaf Abrahamsson and Britta Maria Nilsdotter. He died on the family farm Tveta 26 April 1857. He was five years old.  His death is listed as "Bröstsjukdom" which would translate as disease of the lungs, a term also used for unidentified chest illnesses. Most likely not Pneumonia, Influenza or Tuberculosis which was recognized as such even in that day and age. Perhaps this was a long time condition such as asthma or he was born with a heart condition? We cannot know. The cause of death was listed on the certificate by the local priest who did not have medical training so often the cause of death is actually a symptom noted.

Sweden, Church Records 1500-1941, County-Västmanland, Parish-Medåker, 
Död 1852-1861, Gid#2349.19.49400, Volume F:6, Roll MN-1613

He was survived by 7 brothers and sisters. In 1868 the entire family emigrated to the United States. The family settled in  Chautauqua, New York . His siblings would marry and have children. His younger brother would become the Rev. L.G. Abrahamsson, a noted Lutheran minister of the Augustana synod and leader in the Swedish immigrant community.

bottom row center: Carl Fredriks parents, Anders Gustaf and Britta Maria
with his seven brothers and sisters in America

The family has today many descendants who most likely will never know about the little boy whose grave was left behind in Sweden.

Robert Albin Abrahamsson's cousin and my first cousin 3x's removed
   Carl Fredrik Abrahamsson,
   born: 4 July 1851 Tveta, Medåker, Västmanland, Sweden
   died:26 Apr 1857 Tveta, Medåker, Västmanland, Sweden


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