Wednesday's Child - Dorothy Ruth Lydia Soderstrom

Her name is not listed on other family trees I have seen. I have no photo of little Dorothy. The cemetery (Riverside in Moline, Illinois) that the state of Illinois says she is buried in does not list her name. No family member had ever mentioned her existence..... well, not to me anyway.

I  know that she was here, for the brief four days of her life, because when looking for something else I came across this record in my research.

This was no doubt the baby daughter and fourth child of my great uncle and aunt, Andrew and Ruth Soderstrom.
I don't know why her life was so short. Maybe she was born too soon, too tiny, too ill. I do know that her parents surely wanted and loved her. Aunt Ruth gave her my grandmother Lydia's name and her own. 

my dad's little cousin
Dorothy Ruth Lydia Soderstrom
   born:  24 November 1927 Moline, Rock Island, Illinois
   died:  28 November 1927 Moline, Rock Island, Illinois
   Evigt säkert i armarna på Jesus.

- Ranae

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