Abrahamson photo update

In these two Abrahamson family photographs some more family members faces have been identified.
Thank you to cousin Ingemar!

Above photo was most likely taken in 1911, not 1912 as previously guessed

The older woman front in center is NOT great grandmother Anna Karolina Karlsdotter. Cousin Ingemar thought this perhaps could be one of Anna Karolina's sisters with her husband to her right. I have been looking through Swedish church records to find a bit more about Anna Karolinas sisters to see if I can make a fairly educated guess as to who these people are.

I believe the woman is Anna Karolina's younger sister Anna Susanna Karlsdotter and her husband Anders Abrahamsson. Why? Other Abrahamsson names have come up before and I could never place them in Robert Albins family. Of course! with patronymic names, those with the same name are not necessarily related in earlier days. As surnames became established our Abrahamsson grandparents had first cousins with the Abrahamsson name from their Mothers side of the family. Anna Susanna had children that would fit the age of many of those in this photo. For instance Susanna and Anders last three children were Johan Robert b. 1902, Lars Aron b. 1905 and Anna Marta b. 1907. I guessed that this picture was taken in 1910 but certainly don't the three in the front appear to be about 3,5 and 8? They also had an 11 year old daughter Johanna. Perhaps the little girl to Robert Albins right? Two daughters Alma and Selma were 15 and 17 in 1910. Perhaps to their mothers left in plaid? Behind Susanna is a boy/young man who could very well be her son Luther who was 19 in 1910.

Anna Karolina's older sister Lena Johanna and her husband I do not believe are in the photo but Lena Johanna gave birth 11 times (4 children died in childhood) but the additional older children/young people present throughout the photo could very well have been hers as the ages are seemingly appropriate.

Genealogy....what fun....each clue leads to the next. Next week  when I get a bit of time to investigate it more I will blog about Lena Johanna's three youngest boys. They left together in 1920 for a new life in America. In Chicago, no less. I have never heard about these cousins of my grandmother? Is it possible she herself wasn't aware she had maternal cousins living within a few blocks of her?

For the complete families of Anna Karolina's two sisters check out the updated family tree on
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