Friday's Faces from the Past - Mystery Solved?

This photo was in the possession of one of the American Abrahamson cousins. Unidentified.

Last week I was researching the three youngest boys of  Johana Lena Karlsdotter (my great grandmother Anna Karolina's sister) and Linus Andersson. Today I looked again at the photo of the three unidentified men and I thought; could these three be the three Anderson sons who immigrated to Chicago together, never married and lived together in Chicago? One face seemed eerily familiar. I looked at another Abrahamsson family photo. The fishing photo. On my computer I blew up two unidentified men in that photo.

Whoa............I'm no Sherlock Holmes but in my opinion these are the same guys.

The light blond hair even as adults, the square face, the size and shape of the ears, the elongated nose, slight clef in chin, same width of mouth with prominent philtrum

Oh yeah, I would put money on it that these are the guys and just by guessing who is oldest to youngest?

Well, what do you think?

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