Lydia begins her life in America

This lovely photo of my grandmother Lydia and a cousin came to me yesterday. It was sent to me by a second cousin in Sweden, a man I have never physically met but connected with through our mutual interest (or should I say passion) for family history.

1910 Rock Island, Illinois, USA

My grandmother Lydia Abrahamson (1890-1978) is the young woman on the left. Doesn't she look lovely? But then I thought..she is so so so young. In this photo she is 20 years old. Leaving all of her immediate family behind Lydia emigrated from Sweden one month shy of her 19th birthday. In the 1909 ship manifest of the "Ivernia"  it appears she traveled with a girlfriend from her home community but she was not accompanied by family. Eighteen! How times have changed. She stands next to her American-born second cousin, Florinda "Flora" Abrahamson. Lydia's father, Robert Albin, and Flora's father Laurentius Gustav were first cousins. I love the sweet expression on Lydia's face. Young, innocent, wide eyed yet hopeful and eager in anticipation of her future in America.

Thank you cousin Ingemar for this wonderful gift!

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