Quotes on Family History

"I wish I had realized that family history is a perishable commodity. It disappears with time, as memories fade, and as loved ones pass on. I wish I had known that the most important aspect of family history is preserving a record of the present for the future." - Guy Black

 Continue to share your family history with your children and don't forget that the photos you took yesterday are the memorabilia and family history of your grandchildren. Write the who, what, where, when on your hard copy photos. Are many or most of your photos strictly digital? Include the 4 W's in the metadata.

Easy metadata tutorial for windows 10 -
Open your photo folder. Right click on the thumbnail of your photo. A pop up box appears. Choose "properties". Choose "details". Fill in the title and subject. "Tag" with the individual name of anyone in that particular photo. Hit "OK" at the bottom of the box. Your photos are identified forever. An extra plus is that using your search feature on your computer, type in any name you have used in a tag and that photo will come up in a list. You can easily find that photo no matter which folder it is in. Easy peasy.