Påskkärringar or Häxor (Easter hags or witches)

You would think Easter would be celebrated similarly in Western countries?
I am sure you would find the churches observance of the crucifixtion and resurrection of our Lord very much the same in Christian churches throughout the world. Easter Witches? This was something I had never heard of before but is an interesting part of the Swedish celebration of the Easter season.

According to Swedish folklore and legend the Thursday before Easter all the evil witches fly to a place called Blåkulla where they meet and I guess have a good old time with the devil and then fly back home. Must be a left-over from the 1600's witch hunts. I have no idea how this turned into little kids dressing up like old hags or witches (pretty cute ones though) but go figure. They go door to door, sort of Halloween style but with cuter witches, and collect treats from the neighbors.
The Swedes also glue feathers to sticks on Easter. I won't even attempt to figure that one out.
Check out this blog with a great detailed explanation of the celebration of Easter in Sweden today.

Glad påsk – Happy Easter 

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