"The bride was charming

in a gown of white embroidered mull."


The home of Dr. F.G. Abrahamson, 4216 eighth avenue was the scene of a pretty home wedding Wednesday evening when Miss Lidia Abrahamson, cousin of Dr. Abrahamson, became the bride of Richard Kallman of Moline.  The simple but impressive ring ceremony was performed at 8 o'clock by Dr. Abrahamson, the bride's aunt, Mrs. Abrahamson, giving her away.  The attendants were the bride's cousin, Miss Florinda Abrahamson and Miss Kallman, the bridegroom's sister, and F. Beckstrom and G. Samuelson.  The bride was charming in a gown of white embroidered mull.  She wore a bridal veil and carried a shower bouquet of bride roses.  The bridesmaids were gowned in pretty white robes and carried pink carnations.  The house was decorated in green and pink and the ceremony was performed in the parlor before a bank of palms.  After congratulation a wedding dinner was served.  The young couple will make their home in Moline upon return from a short wedding trip.

The May 10, 1911 marriage of my grandparents Lydia Abrahamson and Richard Kallman was noted in the society column of the Rock Island Argus. This reflected the social status not of the poor immigrant couple but of the minister that married them. Dr. Rev. Laurentius Gustav Abrahamson was the cousin of Lydia's father, Robert Albin. He had immigrated as a boy with his family and was now a highly respected and influential minister of the Augustana synod Lutheran Church. Still, I was so pleased to find this article which described Lydia and Richards wedding and happy that so far from home and immediate family they had a lovely and memorable beginning to their marriage.

I had never heard of a "gown of white embroidered mull". What exactly was that fabric?
from the textile glossary - "It is a super fine quality of cotton cloth woven as plain weave. The cloth is bleached and finished to give a soft feel." A type of voile fabric very popular around the turn of the century.

She did look quite lovely and "charming" didn't she?

Today is the 105th anniversary of the wedding of my grandparents, Richard and Lydia Kallman.
Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!