Census Sunday - 1930 US Census: Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio - The Emil Jacobson Family.

Lines 69 through 76
In 1930 the Jacobson family is working a rented farm. The two oldest boys, Rudolf and David, are no longer living with the family. Betty at 19 is the oldest child at home, Paul at 8 is the youngest. The youngest four children are attending school. All family members can read and write. The entire family are citizens. Emil became a citizen in 1919 and the law at the time provided that a wife would automatically also become a citizen as did minor children who were also not born in the United States. They are the proud owners of a radio! a question that was also asked on the 1930 census. A nephew Arvid Johnson is living with them. This would be the son of John Emil's sister Hulda. The photo below appears to have been taken about this time.

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