Kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon Bun Day)

**this is a repeat of last years tribute to Cinnamon Bun Day because you can NEVER tire of Cinnamon Buns!**

Cinnamon Bun Day - Kanelbullens dag

Today, October 4,  is Cinnamon Bun Day - Kanelbullens dag! Today, in bakeries and convenience stores all over Sweden you will find baskets of warm cinnamon buns, or Kanelbullar, as these tasty swirls of pastry are called in Swedish.

"Cinnamon buns are an almost daily feature of Swedish life, but today, 4th October, is their special day. The tradition of celebrating Kanelbullens dag is however only seventeen years old – though it fits in perfectly with Swedish culture and tradition: there are a number of other days in which pastries play a significant roll, such as Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) when the nation eats semla.

Cinnamon Bun Day was established in 1999 when staff at Sweden's Hembakningsrådet ("Home Baking council") were looking for a way to celebrate their fortieth anniversary.

The idea behind the creation of the day was to celebrate Sweden's home baking tradition by highlighting a traditional and much-loved pastry. The autumn harvest is high season for baking in Swedish homes, so it was an ideal time of the year for a festive day with a baking theme.

Finally, very much in keeping with Swedish culture, it was considered important that the tradition should be something that everyone can participate in - a goal which has easily been reached: go into any bakery in Sweden today and you will find Cinnamon rolls in abundance!"*

My husband Otto, our family baker, is THE expert at Cinnamon Buns. Ya sure, ve know dat he isn't Svedish. You have to admit though that the Germans DO know how to dine well! Here is the recipe he uses.He found it on allrecipes.com and says "there is no better". The only difference is that Otto uses all butter, never a bread machine and doubles up on the cream cheese frosting. And boy, do we LOVE them!

"Clone of a Cinnabun"

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day! - Ranae

*from the University of Stockholm

click "more to read" for written recipe