Mystery Monday - who is Luther?

Last spring the wife of a cousin shared some mystery photos with me. They had belonged to her deceased mother in law who really didn't know who many of the people were but didn't want to throw the photos out because her mother (my grandmother Lydia) had kept them for so long. One of those photos was really only half of a photo that had been ripped. On the back was written "Ruth and Luther". Great Aunt Ruth Abrahamson Soderstrom of course, but who was Luther?

I have found that Anna, Lydia and Ruth had some additional Abrahamsson cousins who also emigrated to the U.S. Not Abrahamsson on Robert Albin's side but on their mother, Anna Karolina Karldotters side. Anna Karolina had two sisters. Her younger sister, Anna Susanna b. 1861 married Anders Abrahamsson. Their oldest son was Luther. Luther emigrated in 1912 but he went to New Briton, Connecticut (another Swedish favorite town) not Rock Island as his cousins had. His younger sister Alma Charlotta followed him in 1916. Another photo shared with me at the same time I believe to also be of Luther, in Sweden before he left for America. A bit overexposed, when enlarged and compared side to side, is a close match to the photo of Luther with Ruth, in particular around the eyes, ears and nose.

May I introduce my first cousin twice removed
Luther Abrahamson
b: 29 Jan 1891  Håcksvik, Älvsborg, Sweden
d: 9 Nov 1974 Kensington, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

**click on photos to enlarge for easier viewing**

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