In the early 20th century my paternal grandparents, Rikard Severin Källman (1887-1968) and Lydia Abrahamson (1890-1978) immigrated from Sweden. I am exploring my Swedish ancestors immigrant journey to "Amerika" and life in Swedish Chicago. I am searching for cousins everywhere to share family stories, pictures, memories and new discoveries about our Swedish heritage and our family today.

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Monday, November 7

"Teamwork and coincidence"

I opened my email today to find this photo and this note from my second cousin in Sweden, Ingemar Majholm.

on back of photo is written " Luther på 80 års dagen"
This is an example of teamwork and coincidence.
Looking into one of the bags taken from my mother's house before we sold it this summer, I found a bunch of old pictures the other day. One of them would never have got my attention if I hadn't read your blog from Oct 10 this year. The name wouldn't have rang any bell, but now it did.
September 29, 1971, 80 years old, with just three years more to live."


Luther Abrahamson, the son of Anna Susanna Karlsdotter and Anders Abrahamsson, the maternal cousin of Anna, Lydia and Ruth must have been a favorite cousin and its great that with a little "teamwork and coincidence" we were able to identify him.

I am glad we are on the same team, thank you Ingemar!

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