In the early 20th century my paternal grandparents, Rikard Severin Källman (1887-1968) and Lydia Abrahamson (1890-1978) immigrated from Sweden. I am exploring my Swedish ancestors immigrant journey to "Amerika" and life in Swedish Chicago. I am searching for cousins everywhere to share family stories, pictures, memories and new discoveries about our Swedish heritage and our family today.

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Saturday, March 18

The ties that bind? - DNA

Well, I am over it and hope all the cousins are too.

So what if the DNA of the Abrahamson family doesn't match with the King of Sweden? More importantly (to me anyway) is that Cousin Knut Anderson got his DNA results and the first match that popped up on his screen? You guessed it....ME!!!!!

Poor ole may be out but science (and my spit in a tube) proved 
I am officially a member of the Abrahamson clan! 

Right on the money also. Knut is indeed my first cousin once removed. 
His mother was Ester Abrahamson, the seventh child of Robert Albin Abrahamson. 
My grandmother was Lydia Abrahamson, the fourth child of Robert Albin Abrahamson.


  1. Another hardcore proof then, it wasn't the milkman! (relating to your Norwegian blog entry of January 9 this year). The previous proof being the red beard of your father ...
    My father was a first cousin of your father. I never saw his beard but he told us that in his teens he let it grow for a while, and it was red.

    I wonder if the respectable beard of Robert Albin Abrahamsson also was red? Anybody knows?

  2. Betty Jacobson Fraser and I were the only really red redheads around that I had been aware of. Those red beards in the family prove another redhead could show up again any time!


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