1893 Hugo Henrik Allvin leaves Sweden.

March 3rd 1893, my great Uncle Hugo Henrik Allvin left the port of Gothenburg, Sweden on the ship "Rollo". The "Rollo", full of emigrating Swedes was headed for Hull, England.

The Gothenburg Swedish Passenger List
March 3rd 1893, the ship "Rollo"
line #34 Hugo Allvin of Linkoping Waderstad, Sweden
18 years old, final destination Chicago, Illinois

From Hull, England he and his shipmates would board a train that took them overland to Liverpool, England. He arrived in the U.S., New York harbor, March 25, 1893 on the ship "Britannic". Hugo Henrik was 18 years old and he traveled alone. He stated his occupation as "laborer". Hugo Henrik would then board a train to his final destination, Chicago.

In Chicago he would find work and meet his future wife, my great aunt Sarona Rebecka Kallman, my grandfather Richard's oldest sister. They had two sons, Stanley and Milton. Somewhere early in their marriage they "Americanized" their surname to Alvine.

My Great Uncle
Hugo Henry Alvine
b: 6 Oct 1875 Väderstad, Östergötland
d: 9 Jan 1952 Stanislaus, California

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