Happy Birthday Aunt Laverne!

April 29, 1923 my Aunt Lavern Esther Ruth Kallman Johnson was born. I know I have posted this picture before but I think it is a particularly cute photo of the happy fun loving person she was.

 My grandmother stated Lavern was born in Crystal Lake, Illinois yet I found her listed in the Cook County birth database. Crystal Lake has never been in Cook county. Nor am I aware that the Kallman Family ever lived in Crystal Lake. Perhaps Grandma and Grandpa registered her birth her Chicago, Cook county although she was born elsewhere. Until I see proof otherwise I am going to go with Crystal Lake. I would not dare dispute Grandma's word for it!

my paternal aunt
Lavern Esther Ruth Kallman Johnson
b. 29 April, 1923 Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA
d. 29 June 2009 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

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