October is Family History Month

I am what some people would call an "Amateur Genealogist" but I prefer the term "Family Historian". "Genealogist" seems just too cold. The family tree, names, dates of birth, marriage, death is what the word "genealogist" says to me. "Family Historian" speaks of who we are and what we are about. Yes, that tree of names and dates going back many years, that I have worked so hard on, is the backbone of family history, but lets put some flesh on those bones!

Every family has its own history. the people, events, times and traditions that makes their family unique. I have compiled the "skeleton", the pedigree pages (you can click on above) of my grandparents, Richard Severin Kallman and Lydia Abrahamsson. I also want to collect the stories and memories of our family, to honor those that came before us and preserve family tradition for those that are here and those who are yet to come.

Tomorrow I begin "Sunday's Story". I will each week blog about a family story/memory. With the approval of my second cousin Ingemar Majholm of Sweden, I will begin with one of the stories in his collection of memories and anecdotes meticulously and lovingly compiled in his work "A Family History - Albin and Anna Abrahamsson."

Surely you have a memory or story, however small, of our Swedish family or one of its members that you could share. Please send it on to me so we can share it on "Sunday's Story."

- cousin Ranae