Sunday's Story - Albin's revolver

Today's story is about my great grandfather Robert Albin Abrahamsson.

Albin's Revolver

Albin's revolver with its handmade "tight" holster

"The farmers of Östra Frölunda now and then had to go to Borås, about 30 miles away, to sell the produce of their farms. The journey by horse wasn't safe. There were robbers in the deep forests who well knew that the farmers who were heading south often were bringing a reasonable amount of money back from town.

Thus it happened that robbers, who jumped up on his wagon from behind, attacked Albin on his way back to Östra Frölunda. But Albin managed, using the thick end of his whip, to rid himself of the thieves. But this event made him decide to buy a revolver the next time he would go to town.

So he did. As he was skilled in leatherwork, he made the holster himself. And it wasn't long before he got use for his revolver, on the way home from the marketplace. A couple of robbers came up on his wagon from behind. Albin tried to pull the revolver, but found out that the he had made the holster too tight. Now time was sparse, but he couldn't get it lose; it was stuck. Once again he had to use his whip, and he managed to fight the robbers away.

On the rest of the way home he had time to think. What if he had been able to use the revolver? Then he might have left a person behind, dead. Slowly thankfulness for a tight holster sprouted in the heart of this man of peace.

From what I understand this was the last time he brought his revolver on a trip. He later gave it to his son Gustaf, who gave it to his son, Seth, who's son Erik today keeps the 'Revolver with the Tight Holster' in a safe-deposit box in Bergslagens Sparbank, Nora."*

*taken in part from "A Family History - Albin and Anna Abrahamsson" 

by Ingemar Majholm (with his permission)

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