Wednesday's Child - Johannes Karlsson

This Wednesday I remember Johannes Karlsson.

Karl Andersson and Sara Britta Larsdotter had married relatively late in life. Sara Britta was 34 and Karl was 36. They were blessed with three girls  Lena Johanna, Anna Karolina and Anna Susanna. Imagine their joy when Sara Britta found herself pregnant again at 45! And it was a boy! There must have been great joy at the birth of Johannes Karlsson on 28 Jul 1867.

**Source: Sweden, Church Records, 1500-1941 Älvsborg, Håcksvik, Födde, 1867 GID# 100015.72.14900, volume 259, roll# SC-877, accessed

Karl may have imagined a great future for his son, who in all probability would be his only son. His mother and three older sisters no doubt adored and carefully tended to him. Their joy was short lived.

Little Johannes died 6 Dec 1867. He was 4 months and 8 days old. His death record does not mention a cause of death. So many children in that time never made it to adulthood it was most likely just one more child's death the priest was obligated to record.

**Source: Sweden, Church Records, 1500-1941 Älvsborg, Håcksvik, Död, 1867, GID# 100015.15.23200, volume 260, roll #SC-878, accessed

Johannes was my second great uncle, the baby brother of Anna Karolina Karlsdotter who was to be my great grandmother, and the wife of Robert Albin Abrahamsson.


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