Robert Albin Abrahamsson died this day in 1923

November 10,1923 is the day that my great grandfather Robert Albin Abrahamsson died.
Family history and the Östra Frölunda records tell us he died from appendicitis.Today appendicitis is a minimally invasive, most likely surgery in the AM and go home in the PM with a couple of bandaids on your belly event. Not so in 1923. Many dreaded and avoided going to the hospital in those days and for good reason. You often didn't come out. Surgery would have been a pretty big deal with no guarantee you would survive the surgery let alone the possible infection that may follow. 1923 was at least 6 years away from the discovery of the first antibiotic, penicillin. I don't know if Albin was given the choice. Records list his place of death as Borås so he may have gone to the hospital there. We do know that his father Edvard Julius died of the same illness, refusing the operation "I don't want to die with the knife in me", he supposedly said. Well the appendix must have ruptured as Albin died from the peritonitis and gangrene. Not an easy way to go. He was 63 years old.

believed to be the last photo taken of Robert Albin

Albin's grave - 1923

R.I.P. Robert Albin, we won't forget you.

- your great granddaughter Ranae

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