Sunday's Story - Lovisa Charlotta Majholm

The story of Lovisa Charlotte posed many questions for me. Some of those questions my genealogical sleuthing has answered but others remain. In cousin Ingemar Majholm's work "Albin and Anna Abrahamsson - a family history", he writes that letters our great great grandfather Edvard Julius wrote to the council indicate that he was a devout Christian man who felt it his duty to work on behalf of the poor and needy.

The following excerpt from "Albin and Anna Abrahamsson - a family history" includes the letter Edvard Julius wrote on behalf of Lovisa Charlotta.


"Frölunda July 21, 1886

Mr Chairman of The Arboga Public Assistance Committee,

    As an answer to the honoured writ of the 14th of this month, I want to inform you that I'm satisfied with the presented agreement of 25 kronor per year for mentioned Lovisa Charlotta Mayholm because I through my wife am related to her.
    Concerning the cost of her journey here from the nearest railway station, situated 20km from here, I will, as there are horses of my own, fetch her with the expense of the Committee.
    A lifetime contract I don't want to sign. We know, of course, not about our time here. But if the Committee fear loss by letting her come here without this condition, then it's possible to wait with the payment of the first year until one year has passed from her arrival and I can even in part pay the cost for her journey to Svenljunga, if that be the wish. If things don't get worse for me henceforth the hitherto, her stay here will probably be for lifetime. Even my decease is no hinder.
    However, if Lovisa by time through lengthy disease is to be in greater need for care, I declare my right to notify the Public Assistance Committee in Arboga in order to come in enjoyment of a slightly higher contribution through the confirmation of this Committee.
   Any real use for Lovisa I can in our conditions of work not have. The cause for me to offer you to send her here for such a limited compensation I need not inform you about you since you know it so well.
    Am now requesting answer by return in order to know whether I have to send her money for the journey if you don't want to pay the journey until a year has passed or perhaps you not at all want to concern yourselves with anything since I haven't signed the contract. If that's the case, I will anyway let her come here for some time in order for her to amuse herself and even see where we live.
    Faithfully yours,

The proposed stay of Lovisa for the rest of her life was never realized, though. Even if he was very humble in the letter when looking into the future, Edvard Julius apparently had no presentiment of how few his remaining days were. He died in appendicitis in Östra Frölunda 7/24/1886, just three days after writing the letter!"*


Who exactly was Lovisa Charlotta Majholm? Why was she in need of assistance? Why, after Edvard died, did not Charlotta and her son Albin follow through with Edvard's work on her behalf? What then became of Lovisa Charlotta?

Charlotta Majholm, if you remember from my post of 28 Sep 2015 "Charlotta's Secret",  bore another child out of wedlock in Arboga a decade before Albins birth. Carl Wilhelm Majholm was born 25 May 1849 and died 6 Jun 1850. Charlottas older sister, Anna Christina Majholm, also had an illegitimate child about the same time. Lovisa Charlotta Majholm was born 11 Feb 1850. Both Charlotta and her sister Anna Christina lived in the poorhouse together with their "öakta" children.

Sweden Church Records, 1500-1941 Arboga stadsförsamling, Västmanland,
husförhör, 1846-1855 GID 2374.41.4700 Volume A1:10B Roll #UP-14 pg 136

After her sons death Charlotta's life took a better turn. She got employment with the major of Arboga. Considering the times, I would think it unlikely that anyone involved with her employment knew of her past. When she became pregnant for the second time she married Edvard Julius.

Anna Christina Majholm never married, nor did I find she had any other children. She died from a lung inflammation 11 Jun 1886. Her daughter Lovisa Charlotta also never married so now she was alone. One month later is when Edvard Julius wrote to ask about Lovisa Charlotta coming to Östra Frölunda. It seems from the letter that at this time she was ill and receiving assistance from Arboga.

Sweden selected Death Records, Arboga standsförsamling, Västmanland
GID 100019.92.28300 Roll #CL0933 year 1886 pg 6

As we know, Edvard died just a few days after writing the letter. I now know who she was but my question again is why did not Charlotta or Albin intervene on her behalf? Charlotta, stated she never cared for Östra Frölunda and spent the last year of her life in Arboga. Did she leave to stay with Lovisa Charlotta or did she have any contact with her niece at all? Charlotta died in 1904 and I do not believe the remaining family had any contact with Lovisa Charlotta after. Perhaps they did not even know she existed? They could have easily afforded to have her come to their home. And this is an awful thought that I had. Did Lovisa Charlotta perhaps know her aunt's history and Charlotta did not want to risk her niece possible divulging to the family her "secret"? Questions we will never know the answer to.

Lovisa's health must have improved as she worked as a maid until she was no longer able. Her remaining years were spent in "Försörjningshuset" or poorhouse where she died 10 Oct 1931 of "ålderdomsavtyning" (which literally means that she faded away due to old age). She was still alone.

Sweden Selected Death records, Arboga stadsförsamling, Västmanland
GID 100019.92.28300 Roll #CL0933 year 1931 pg 6

Lovisa Charlotta Majholm, my first cousin three times removed
11 Feb 1850 - 10 Oct 1931
She was born in and she died in the poorhouse.

- Ranae

**taken in part from"Albin and Anna Abrahamsson-a family history"
by Ingemar Majholm (with his permission)**   

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