Saturday's LAST silly Ole and Lena joke

Ole: "Lena, dis year I svear I am going to make yew da happiest voman in da vorld." 

Lena:  "Really? How Vonderful! Tank yew! Tank yew! Tank yew!

................ I'm gonna miss you Ole."

I will also miss Ole but as my grandmother used to say "enough is enough already". 
Along with 2015 I think its time I lay Ole and Lena to rest. This new year, 2016, I will attempt to focus on at least one ancestor each week, seeing what I can learn about them and their life and times through a document, story, photo, etc.

I leave you with this New Year's blessing from Ole.

May da ruts always fit da wheels in your pickup.
May yur ear mufs always keep out da nort wind.
May da sun shine varm on your limpa bread.
May da rain fall soft on your lutefisk.
And until ve meet again,
May da Good Lord protect ya from any 
and all unnecessary Uff Da's.

Happy New Year!

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