Census Sunday - 1930 US Census Moline, Illinois - Soderstrom Family

1930 US Census Moline city, Moline township, Rock Island county, Illinois state

Andrew and Ruth with their children
Harry, Melvin and Esther
My Great Uncle and Aunt, Andrew and Ruth Soderstrom. When immigrating from Sweden they both came to the quad cities which had a large Swedish-born population. They met, married and raised their family in Moline, Illinois.

The 1930 census  tells us that Andrew and Ruth Soderstrom

• live on 2816 18th street in a home that they own worth $6,800 (one of the higher end in the working class neighborhood)
• do NOT own a radio (come on Uncle Andrew get with the times)
• are 41 and 35 respectively and married when they were 29 and 23
• currently have three children; Harry R - 7, Melvin A -5, and Esther A -3  Harry and Melvin are in school
• Andrew and Ruth were both born in Sweden and immigrated in 1910 and 1914. The children were all born in Illinois.
• are both naturalized citizens
• can speak English
• Andrew works as a machinist in a plow factory ( when registering for the draft WWI 1917 and WWII 1942 he stated he worked for John Deere)
• Andrew is a veteran of the World War (Unfortunately a few years would prove that WWI, known as the "War to End All Wars",................didn't ).
• David Jacobson, 21, the son of Ruth's sister Anna is living with the family. He also is working at the plow factory.

The country is less than a year into the Great Depression but I would think the Soderstroms would find themselves luckier financially than many. The great grandson of John Deere, Charles Deere Wiman, was the president of the company and as the country entered World War II he accepted a commission as a Colonel in the Army where he directed the farm machinery and equipment division of the War Production Board. The company made aircraft parts, ammunition, transmissions for tanks and military tractors.*  Perhaps this made Andrews job more secure in the coming difficult financial times. Well, at least I hope it did.

* The John Deere CompanyWIKIPEDIA 

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