Wednesday's child - Gustaf Olof Jonasson

Gustaf Olof was the son of my great aunt Märta Abrahamsson and her husband Anders Johan Jonasson. He had just turned two years old at the beginning of the month. He was diagnosed and treated in the hospital at Borås. He died from diabetes.

Insulin as a treatment for diabetes in humans had just been discovered in 1923 but even today diabetes in the very young, infants and toddlers, can be very difficult to diagnose. The well-known signs of thirst, frequent urination, fatigue etc. can be difficult to assess in a young child. Diabetes in the very young is also uncommon. Today less than 2% of children attending pediatric centers specializing in Diabetes will be under 3 years of age.

Gustaf Olof Jonasson - my first cousin once removed
born: 09 Aug 1928 in Östra Frölunda, Älvsborg, Sweden
died: 24 Aug 1930 in Borås, Vastra Götaland, Sweden

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