APRIL FOOL! or not?

If the family story is true. If Robert Albin Abrahamson is your great grandfather (as he is mine) Oscar II Bernadotte is your Great x2 grandfather AND we are among the royal.

Carl XVI Gustav Bernadotte (The current King of Sweden)   b. 1946
your half third cousin

Henry VIII Tudor  (of 6 wives fame)  b.1491
your 15th great uncle

Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor (Prince of Wales heir to the English throne)   b. 1948
your 8th cousin

Harald V Glücksburg  (The current King of Norway)  b. 1937
your half second cousin once removed

Ferdinand V of Spain (He and wife Isabella financed Columbus' journey) b. 1451
your 5th cousin 17 times removed

Nicholas II Alexandrovich Romanov (The last Tsar of Russia) b. 1868
your 5th cousin 17 times removed

But if the family story is indeed just legend


you and I are again merely peasants.

Have a gloriously royal weekend!
your cousin HRH Princess of Illinois