Monday's Mystery - Ruth's employment and where?

No this is not the Downtown Abbey staff (I loved that show by the way).
My first cousin once removed, Lynn Eckberg, shared these photos with me. They were in an album that belonged to her Mom, my great aunt Ruth (Abrahamsson) Soderstrom. She did not know the story these photos show but we can say for certainty that the fourth from the right (white apron) is Ruth. I have been researching on and off for over a year without luck but I WILL someday figure it out.

Does anyone know the story or do you have any ideas?

Ruth: fourth from right, no hat

The group stands in front (or back) of this building

Here are my thoughts, ideas and avenues I have investigated...?.?.

* when Ruth left Sweden she stated her father bought her ticket and her last residence was Stommen therefore she most likely did not work outside her home in Sweden. This building is in the U.S.

* The building could be a hotel, estate, hospital but I'm betting on estate as the staff looks like a personal staff. There appears to be two butlers, two maids, two drivers, nanny and Ruth appears to   be most likely cook or kitchen staff.

*This appears to be the backside of the building (God forbid the staff be photographed at the entrance). The front may be even grander.

*Ruth settled in Moline but may have worked in Chicago area briefly. I have searched online for estates this size throughout Illinois, specifically quad cities area, but no building I have found as yet matches this one.

*Some sort of fancy spa or fancy rest home for the wealthy?

*Her husband was in the cavalry WWI. Some sort of soldier sanitariam?

Inspect this and give me your thoughts or ideas. One thing I have learned with this hobby of genealogy is that you never know when the smallest tidbit, rumor or detail takes you home.


*click on photos to enlarge for easier viewing*

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  1. Ruth's grand daughter Sally believes she heard that a Swedish friend of Ruth got her a job doing some ironing for Augustana college. I have searched internet photos of Augustana buildings without a match. This weekend I will check it out with my nephew, an Augustana graduate. Maybe he will recognize the building. Or perhaps it has been demolished? The building is not new in the photo and it is now 100 years later. Cost of upkeep - astronomical.