Swedish Household Examination page 23 - Robert Albin meets Anna!

The other day I went over Anna Abrahamson's birth record. On that record it listed (among other things) her parents from Stommen, Frölunda and noted the farm was on page 23 of the husförhör (household examination). I made an earlier posting which explains the husförhör if you are unfamiliar...

Husförhör (Household Examination) explained

I looked up page 23 of the husförhör that covered the time frame of Anna Abrahamson's birth.
Stommen Frölunda husförhör 1880-1895 left side

Stommen Frölunda husförhör 1880-1895 right side

This husförhör covers the years 1880-1895. Everyone listed in column one lived on Stommen at some point during the years of 1880-1895. Just before each name is the status or position of each person. Scroll to the middle of the page. The prefix Dr. stands for Drang or unmarried male worker.  Pige as prefix are unmarried female workers. These are folks hired to help work the farm. The person's name is added with the date they arrived and from where. When a person leaves his/her name is crossed out and it is noted when and where they moved to.
Note that my second great grandfather Edvard Julius' name is crossed out. During this time frame he died and his death is recorded as (24 Jul 1886) and also after second great grandmother Charlotta's name the date when she became a widow is recorded also (24 Jul 1886).

Here is the cool thing I discovered. See line #13, lucky #13.
Pige Anna Karolina Karlsdotter born 11, Feb 1859 in Häcksvik came to Stommen in the year 1880. Her name is crossed out and she is again written in just below Robert Albin as his hustru (wife) on 16 Jul 1881. Because of page 23 I now know how my great grandparents met.

Robert Albin fell for and married the hired help! 

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