Census Sunday - 1940 US Census Chicago, Illinois - Eva Kallman

In 1940 Richard and Lydia Kallman were living on a farm just north of Lake Zurich Illinois. Laverne, Ebba and Melvin were living with them. Albin had married and was living in Chicago with his wife Leola and their baby daughter. Maybe the farm life did not appeal to Eva? I found her also living in Chicago.

1940 US Census Chicago, Illinois - Eva Kallman
Line 20 - Kallman, Eva - lodger, living at 912 West Belmont Ave Chicago, Illinois - 22 years old - single white female - high school graduate, not in school at present - born in Illinois - lived in same place in 1935 - working 40 hours in the last week - employed as a stenographer for a Radio manufacturing company - employed the entire year and earned $900

Considering the incomes of her neighbors, it seems to me that Eva did pretty well for herself especially since this was the height of the "Great Depression".

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