Today Daddy would be 100

Today, August 18, my father Melvin Carl Kallman would have been 100 years old.
He was born Carl Melvin Kallman, named first Carl in the Swedish style where he was named for his grandfather, Carl Teodor Källman, and Melvin, not truly a middle name, but the name by which he was called. He later went by Melvin Carl. He was born in Chicago, in his parents apartment on Sheffield Ave. He was the third child of my grandparents Richard Severin Kallman and Lydia Abrahamson Kallman and would eventually be the middle of five children. My grandmother claimed he weighed 10 pounds at birth which surprised me as he was quite frankly the squirt of the group. His WWII enlistment papers said he was 5'6" and 138 lbs. I could give you a long long list of my fathers attributes but let's just keep it simple because after all this says it all.

He was a truly good man.

my father
Melvin Carl Kallman 1916 - 1989

love you Dad and miss you still,

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