Family Friends Friday- Anna, Lydia & friends

Judging by the dress I am guessing this photo to have been taken sometime between 1915 and 1920. To the left is my grandmother Lydia Kallman and top middle is her sister Anna Jacobson. Who are the other two gals? I would think they must all have been good friends to go to a studio to pay and pose for a professional photograph. Are they all somehow extended family or perhaps cousins? Are they all from Östra Frölunda Sweden sending a photo and their good wishes home? Or are they new American friends posing together in honor of their friendship? I most likely will never know. Nor will I ever know why the gal in the middle seems so sour! Maybe her spirits improved as the 20's came in with shorter shirts and less dowdy (nice way to say ugly) dress styles became popular. Let's hope so.

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  1. The sitting woman is "Sister Anderson" and the woman to the right is "Sister Emma Olson. The photo dates to sometime in the early 1920's. The ladies were all good friends who often shared coffee, pastries and good times in each others home or at the bakery. Probably church friends.