Yesterday my husband and I were canning tomatoes. 65 lbs. of tomatoes in fact. I was cleaning, par boiling to remove the skins and chopping. Meanwhile every burner on the stove had a pot of stewed tomatoes, salsa or marinara sauce simmering while hubby sat on the patio overlooking quart jars bubbling away in a water bath on the camp stove. A real assembly line. Each batch has to sit in the boiling water about 45 minutes and I am a pretty quick chopper so I had some downtime. On my laptop, at the kitchen table, I cruised some of my favorite websites and blogs.

check this out↓
a wonderful recipe (and easy) from THE PICKLED HERRING (a favorite blog I follow)
photo compliments of The Pickled Herring
Apple, cardamom and cinnamon cake, fyriskaka, I knew this just HAD to be a winner in our Scandinavian/German household. I was right. This recipe is a perfect FIKA cake. Warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. OMG  My only input is that I recommend sweet apples like Fuji as opposed to Granny Smith's as the cake itself is not overly sweet. The recipe for this particular scrumptious piece of Swedish heaven can be found here↓

Kathryn, the blogger, said the recipe came from this Swedish cookbook.↓

This cake was so good I ordered the cookbook myself from Amazon. 

Tack så mycket! Thank you Kathryn!

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  1. Sounds like you had your hands full canning all those tomatoes - wow! So glad you enjoyed fika with this cake - it's delicious!!