Mystery Cowboy

This photo was another that came to me from a cousin last week. No name, place, or date on the back with a clue as to who this is. It was however stored among other photos of the Swedish family. My cousin thought it may be my Uncle Albin Kallman, Lydia Abrahamson Kallman's oldest son. I think not. Zooming in on my photoshop program I just do not think it looks like him although this photo is small and enlarging creates a somewhat blurry photo. Also Albin and his family settled in California as farmers. The setting of this photo is very different. 

Although I have no other photos of him and have never met him I am venturing this may be my great Aunt Olgas husband Uno Markus Palm. Olga and her husband, in the early 20th century went up to Alaska to pan for gold. Look at the surroundings, the "cowboy" himself and his dress and demeanor. Snow on the ground, harsh scruffy landscape, the horse is not even on a trail. The horse is saddled up for some serious riding not just a photo shoot. The "cowboy" is a quite tall, straight sitting, clean shaven, light, rather good looking fellow. He has a gun at his belt, unholstered, apparently at the ready. It is a revolver, (personal protection?) while it seems to me that a farmer would more likely carry a rifle. His cowboy hat style is early 20th century. The horse, dark and handsome is sturdy, this is no show animal, he gets ridden and hard. Was this taken in Alaska? I heard Uno Markus was a tall, good looking and arrogant "ladies man".  He was also Swedish. born in 1883. They had no children and he and Aunt Olga separated early on.

Well, any thoughts?

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