Sarona Rebekah Källman

My Grand Aunt Sarona Rebekah Källman was the eldest sister of my paternal grandfather Richard Severin Källman.

Sarona Rebekah (Kallman) Alvine and
first son Stanley Alvine 1912

Sarona was born December 11, 1878 in Lerback, Orebro, Sweden. Her parish birth record records her as öakta or illegitimate. Her mother was 24 year old Klara Sofia Bergvall. Her father is not named on her birth record but it does state that Klara was engaged to be married. Shortly after her birth Klara and Sarona moved to Sarona's father's family home and there she was baptised on January 2, 1879 in Tjällmo, Östergötland, Sweden. Her parents, Klara Sofia Bergvall and Karl Teodor Andersson were married on May 22, 1879. Her parents shortly moved to Grytgol, Hällestad, Östergotland. Grytgol was a town of iron ore mines and Karl got work in a factory as a wire puller. Perhaps Karl Andersson was a much too common a name because at this time it is noted that Karl adopted the surname Källman (literally translates Käll = spring) and the family retained that name to this day. The family was very poor. Sarona would have 5 additional siblings. Håkon Patrik born December 31, 1880, Karl Botvid born July 31, 1883, Olga Euphemia born November 3, 1885, Rikard Severin (my grandfather) born October 3, 1887, and Tekla Eugenia born October 3, 1889.

*line #29 - 25 year old Sarona emigrated to the United States in May of 1904. She was the first of the family to leave Sweden. Her mother had died of Tuberculosis in 1898. Sarona named as her contact in the US, Hugo Henry Alvine of Chicago, Illinois. Hugo had emigrated in 1893 and was now an American citizen. He came from the same area of Sweden as Sarona. He returned to Sweden to visit in 1903. I don't know if he at that time met Sarona and convinced her to leave for America or if he returned to Sweden specifically to persuade her to follow him but on December 4, 1907 Hugo and Sarona married in Chicago. One by one each of her siblings would come to America and work to save money to bring the next sibling over. Håkon and Botvid would return to Sweden. Håkon returned due to his health and died in Sweden of Tuberculosis, as his mother did, in 1908. He was 27 years old. Botvid perhaps returned accompanying his ill brother but he married and remained in Sweden raising a family there. Their father Karl Teodor remarried in 1906 and died in 1910, also of Tuberculosis.

Sarona and Hugo had two sons born in Chicago and the family moved on to Ohio and eventually settled in California.

my Grand Aunt and Uncle
Sarona Rebecka Källman
11 Dec 1878 -  28 Jul 1956
Hugo Henry Alvine
6 Aug 1875 - 9 Jan 1952

an interesting note is that the apartment that the poor young couple lived in with their two young boys in 1917 was on Barry Ave. in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. At that time it was a heavily Swedish immigrant neighborhood. Hugo worked as a clerk at Marshall Fields. That particular building was rehabbed into a three story townhouse. In 2014 it sold for $955,000.00. Go figure.

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