Lois (Norberg) Jacobson - Another yearbook find

The 1939 graduating class of Superior Central High School, in Superior, Wisconsin included....

"Her mind is her kingdom"

the wife of my first cousin once removed
Lois Lucille Norberg Jacobson
30 Nov 1920 - 03 Jan 1998

** U.S. School Yearbooks, 1880-2012
Superior Central High School, Superior Wisconsin, "The Echo 1939" pg 37**

Kelvyn Park HIgh School, Chicago, Illinois - class of 1945

A "shaky leaf" hint on Ancestry is often just a distraction for me but this time it looks as though my mother's Chicago high School yearbook was scanned.

Kelvyn Park High School, Chicago Illinois
Class of 1945 - my Mom, Grace Sevald

                 "GRACE SEVALD ...spends spare time inside, curled up with a good book, or outside cutting up the ice...tells unfriendly people to 'go fry ice'... blue eyes may brighten an office, but if prayers are answered she'll go to Bible school."

She didn't get that particular prayer answered. Mom entered the working world.


Celtic Red Hair From Vikings?

photo: Eddie Van

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Being a flaming redhead, all my life people have said to me "Oh, you must be Irish". Noooo....... I am 100% Scandinavian, half Norwegian and half Swedish, a true descendant of the Vikings. Now science is making me legit? I knew it all along!

"the Red and Proud"


Swedes in the Northwest

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Although our immigrant Swedish ancestors headed for Illinois, many of their descendants ended up out west. I've been trolling the internet again and did you know?

"by 1910 nearly 25 per cent of all residents of the State of Washington who were of foreign extraction were either Danes, Swedes or Norwegians. This amounted to more than 12 per cent of the state's population. Nearly one-fourth of them had come directly from Europe while the rest were "second stage" immigrants from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa."

An interesting read I thought would be of particular interest to you family out West.
an excerpt from the Pacific Northwest Forum

by Ray E. Osterberg

give it a click and a read, I think you will find this interesting......I did.


Family Friends Friday - Chicago neighborhood friends

Family Friends Friday is a daily blogging prompt suggested by GENEABLOGGERS . Obviously this group of Chicago neighborhood ladies are friends. At the far right is my great Aunt Anna. Just behind Anna, peeking over her shoulder is my grandmother Lydia. Its a pretty good guess that the gal in the center in the darker dress is cousin Evelyn Jacobson Johnson. The lady on the far left also has a familiar look but a name just doesn't come to me. The rest of the gals? They look like they were having a great time together and I just love all the flowery dresses. But, who are these family friends? Any ideas?


A family find in an old yearbook - Bill Slimm

Amundsen High School
Chicago, Illinois
Senior Class of 1934
Yearbook "The Viking"

Uncle Bill, the husband of my paternal aunt Eva Kallman
William "Bill" J. Slimm
born: Oct 2, 1915 Chicago, Illinois
died: May 3, 1985 Woodstock, Illinois

**, U.S. School Yearbooks; 1880-2012 
Amundsen High School, Chicago, Illinois "The Viking"  class of 1934 pg. 26 **


Census Sunday - 1940 US Census Chicago, Illinois - Eva Kallman

In 1940 Richard and Lydia Kallman were living on a farm just north of Lake Zurich Illinois. Laverne, Ebba and Melvin were living with them. Albin had married and was living in Chicago with his wife Leola and their baby daughter. Maybe the farm life did not appeal to Eva? I found her also living in Chicago.

1940 US Census Chicago, Illinois - Eva Kallman
Line 20 - Kallman, Eva - lodger, living at 912 West Belmont Ave Chicago, Illinois - 22 years old - single white female - high school graduate, not in school at present - born in Illinois - lived in same place in 1935 - working 40 hours in the last week - employed as a stenographer for a Radio manufacturing company - employed the entire year and earned $900

Considering the incomes of her neighbors, it seems to me that Eva did pretty well for herself especially since this was the height of the "Great Depression".

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Today Daddy would be 100

Today, August 18, my father Melvin Carl Kallman would have been 100 years old.
He was born Carl Melvin Kallman, named first Carl in the Swedish style where he was named for his grandfather, Carl Teodor Källman, and Melvin, not truly a middle name, but the name by which he was called. He later went by Melvin Carl. He was born in Chicago, in his parents apartment on Sheffield Ave. He was the third child of my grandparents Richard Severin Kallman and Lydia Abrahamson Kallman and would eventually be the middle of five children. My grandmother claimed he weighed 10 pounds at birth which surprised me as he was quite frankly the squirt of the group. His WWII enlistment papers said he was 5'6" and 138 lbs. I could give you a long long list of my fathers attributes but let's just keep it simple because after all this says it all.

He was a truly good man.

my father
Melvin Carl Kallman 1916 - 1989

love you Dad and miss you still,


Have you ever wished you knew a little Swedish?

The little (and I mean miniscule) bit of Swedish I know I picked up from my genealogy hobby, looking at old Swedish records. The fact that I know född, gift, död, begraven (born, married, dead and buried) really does not come into much demand in everyday life. The few phrases from childhood maybe only a bit more. Tack för maten ( thanks for the food) and one phrase I heard a bit and for good reason (then as now I am a talker) tyst med dig! (be quiet!).

If you are planning a trip to Sweden or if you are just interested in learning some of the basics of the Swedish language I found this great free website.  Give it a try?


Those Places Thursday - Grandma's House

1616 Hollywood, Chicago, Illinois
my grandparents, Richard and Lydia Kallman's home.

Their home was located in the Edgewater area of Chicago. Nowadays a more upscale community but I remember it differently.  Once home to a large Swedish population  and part of Lakeview township, "white flight" in the years after World War II had left the area in decline. Some older Swedish immigrants, like my grandparents, hung on but their children and grandchildren had "escaped" to the suburbs. 1616 Hollywood butted directly next to the ever expanding Edgewater Hospital on 5700 N. Ashland Avenue. I remember in the hot Chicago summers, when Grandma left all her windows open just hoping for a breeze, the ever constant loud deep hum of the hospital fans and mechanical systems even seemed to vibrate her little kitchen. Maybe she was used to it because she didn't seem to notice. Eventually the hospital ate up her house too. In spite of Dad's advice, Grandma just couldn't leave the neighborhood, no longer Swedish, that she had known for so many years. Or she couldn't go far anyway. She moved to Wrigleyville.

A bit of useless trivia about Edgewater Hospital is that Hillary Clinton was born there. Karma, or the government, paid that place back for eating Grandmas house. It was closed down in the early 2000's because of massive Medicaid and Medicare fraud. I don't think we can blame Hillary for that though, or can we?

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Seth Majholm

Today August 9th in 1912 Robert Albin's oldest son Gustaf and his wife Hanna had their first child.

my first cousin once removed
Seth Abrahamson Majholm
August 9, 1912 - May 2, 1997

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Census Sunday - 1930 US Census: Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio - The Emil Jacobson Family.

Lines 69 through 76
In 1930 the Jacobson family is working a rented farm. The two oldest boys, Rudolf and David, are no longer living with the family. Betty at 19 is the oldest child at home, Paul at 8 is the youngest. The youngest four children are attending school. All family members can read and write. The entire family are citizens. Emil became a citizen in 1919 and the law at the time provided that a wife would automatically also become a citizen as did minor children who were also not born in the United States. They are the proud owners of a radio! a question that was also asked on the 1930 census. A nephew Arvid Johnson is living with them. This would be the son of John Emil's sister Hulda. The photo below appears to have been taken about this time.

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